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Employer Sponsored Child Care

Learn how your company can partner with us to provide your employees with the best quality care for their little one!

Meet your employees’ child care needs with our expertise!


Outshine your competitors! Studies show that employers who offer on-site or employer sponsored child care have a more engaged and productive workforce. What would that mean to your company? To your recruiting efforts? To your bottom line?


Employer sponsored child care often results in:

  • Higher productivity

  • Fewer unplanned absences

  • Increased employee loyalty and lower turnover

  • Easier recruitment of employees

  • Enhanced reputation as a family-friendly employer

Investing in your company's future is an investment in your people. We've partnered with successful companies, supporting their cultures, their families, and their bottom lines. We offer the following:

  1. On-Site Child Care


95% of employees say that access to an on-site child care center at work helps them concentrate throughout the day. 

Without a dependable child care provider, employee productivity decreases because work time is often spent arranging care, getting to and from a child care center, or just worrying about a child’s care and education.

   2. Discounted & Back Up Child Care for Employees

Even the most carefully structured child care arrangements need a back-up plan. Any time regular child care breaks down – for an emergency today or when planning for the next school vacation – employees can access back-up care centers. Whether the nanny is sick or business travel takes working parents and their kids to a new city: whatever the challenge, Andrews Angels Academy helps reduce employee absenteeism.