Location: 30931 W. 7 mile rd, Livonia, MI 48152
Hours of Operation: M-F 630a - 6p

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WE offer full day preschool – Year-Round.

Ages 6 weeks thru 5 years old


Payment: Tuition is due every Monday. If you have any problems, please notify the school so arrangements can be made. All other pay arrangements are made at the discretion of AAA and are strictly on an individual basis. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. Payments can be made via the weekly invoice sent by email, Cash, Money Order/Cashier’s Check, or Cash App. If two or more children from the same family are enrolled a 10% discount is offered. Tuition is due EVERY MONDAY. A late fee of $10/day will be charged for every day late. 2 week notice is required when withdrawing your child(ren).

Drop-off: Mornings can be a very busy time for both students and parents. Each morning, as students arrive, they will be greeted by the teachers and parents must walk their child to their designated classroom and help the child begin to put their belongings in their cubby (labeled with each child’s name). After each child has put away his/her belongings, they will participate in free indoor playtime. This allows children to begin the school day and prepare for upcoming activities while all students arrive at school. This also allows for teachers the time to speak with parents or address other issues that may arise during the morning (change in pick-ups or special directions from a parent). Pick-Up: Just like drop-off, pick-up time is also a very busy time!

Each parent must sign a schedule contract for each child. AAA does not provide care for more than 9 hours a day. Even if a child is dropped off after their scheduled pick-up time, they must be picked up by their scheduled pick-up time. This allows us to be able to staff at ratio always.

Late Fee: Parents have a 5-minute grace period. $1 per minute will be charged for the first 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes after the first 30 minutes will be a $45 charge.

If for some reason, your child needs to be picked up by someone that is not listed on your approved pick-up list, we will need a note in writing.

IDENTIFICATION IS MANDATORY. In emergency cases, we can accept a phone call. We know that this may be an inconvenience to you at times, but the safety of all children is our priority. During school hours, both the front (main entrance) and back door will be locked for the safety of all children. Please use the bell located at the main entrance for admittance into the building.

Toys: AAA is well equipped with age appropriate toys for all students to play with throughout the day. We ask that students do not bring toys from home. If a child does bring a toy to school, it will be left in his/her cubby for the day. Please know that AAA is not responsible for lost or broken toys brought to school.

Safety Drills: MI law requires that we complete quarterly fire drills. Fire drills may occur at any point during the day. Shelter in Place: Shelter in Place is a response to an emergency that creates a situation in which it is safer to remain in the building rather than to evacuate. Generally, Shelter in Place means simply staying indoors. Some situations that might require sheltering in place are severe weather conditions, extreme temperatures, or a public disturbance. During this drill or actual emergency, students will be engaged in safe and quiet activities. Per OCFS regulation, Shelter in Place will be conducted twice in a school year. Parents will be notified in advance of a Shelter in Place drill. If there is an emergency, all families will be contacted via telephone.

Outside Play: We will play outside on the playground at least once a day (usually twice/day), including during the winter. In cases of extreme weather (thunderstorms, heavy rain/snow) we will have our playtime inside. Since we will be going out during winter months, each child must have proper clothing with them. These items include snow pants, winter jacket, snow boots, gloves, and hats. Please make sure to initial all clothing.

Clothing: We ask that you send a complete extra set of clothing to school. We will keep each child’s clothing labeled with his/her name at school in a storage box or backpack. Please do not bring items in a plastic bag because it’s a choking hazard. In the event that a child needs to use the extra clothes, we will send the clothing home and ask that you replace whatever the item was.


Lunch/Snack: Breakfast and snack are provided. Lunch is the responsibility of the parent. Please inform the school of any allergies that your child has since we may have to notify other parents of food restrictions (such as peanut butter). All preschoolers will have Breakfast, two snacks (morning/afternoon) and Lunch at 12:30.

Nap / Rest: 12:30-3:00 PM

Illness: If your child is mildly ill, suffering from a cold, ear infection, or low-grade fever, please keep your child home. In the event that a child becomes ill during school hours, the parent/guardian will be notified by the school.

If the child is vomiting or showing signs of infection, rash, diarrhea, or a persistent fever the parent/guardian will be asked to pick the child up from school. The child must remain out of school until his/her symptoms clear and are fever free without medication for at least 24 hours. If your child develops a contagious illness (such as pink eye, strep throat etc.…) please notify the school so that we can send a memo home to parents that their child has been exposed to the illness.

**Exclusion: In the event that your child is sick and needs to be picked up: We will comfortably accommodate them in the office away from the other children

Attendance: Please inform us when your child will not attend school. Parents/Guardians are expected to communicate if their child will be absent for more than 1 day. If no communication is received regarding the absence within 7 your child(ren) will be dis-enrolled. 1 week of tuition-free vacation time is allowed. If an absence is due to illness a doctor’s note is required.

-We are closed on all major holidays

-We are closed from Christmas Eve Dec. 24- New Year’s Day Jan. 1 (Christmas Break)

-Professional Development Days required by the State of Michigan (2 weeks notice will be given)

  • New Year's Eve & New Year's Day

  • Martin Luther King Jr Day

  • President's Day

  • Good Friday

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Veterans Day

  • Thanksgiving + Black Friday

***We are open all days not mentioned above.


Biting Policy


Biting is unfortunately not unexpected behavior for toddlers. Some children and many toddlers communicate through this behavior. However, biting can be harmful to other children and to staff. This biting policy has been developed with both ideas in mind. 


As a day care, we understand that biting, unfortunately, is a part of a day care setting. Our goal is to help identify what is causing the biting and resolve these issues. If the issue cannot be resolved, this policy serves to protect the children that are bitten. If a biting incident occurs, state regulations require that the parent of the child biting and the parent of the child who was bitten be contacted. Names of the children are not shared with either parent.


When biting becomes excessive:

A meeting and behavioral plan will be discussed. If continued, the parents will be asked to make other childcare arrangements.

Center Rules


There are certain center rules that all children will be taught and expected to follow. This is for the safety and well being of everyone. In addition, we realize that we must expect a certain amount of wear and tear where children are concerned, we do not want to have our center "demolished". 

Hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, spitting, or pinching other children/infants/adults will NOT be allowed to be frequent occurrences. No standing, throwing, and climbing on chairs or tables. There will be no use of obscene, derogatory or disrespectful language. 

Children may not walk around the center with food, cups or bottles. Respectful treatment of other people and all property, toys, and furniture is expected. Willful destruction of property will be charged to the parent at the cost to replace the item. Please support us in the enforcement of these rules, in order to create a better environment for all.

No smoking is permitted on the premises as per state law; this includes parents and staff. 

Mandated Reporting


As a child care provider we are mandated reporters to the Department of Human Services if we feel a child is being abused or neglected. Always be sure to let your director know when you drop your child off if he/she has any unexplained cuts or bruises. All children that come to daycare with injuries have them logged into the child's file.

Discipline Policy

We maintain a positive discipline policy, which focuses on prevention, redirection, love, consistency and firmness. We stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people and respect for property. The children are explained the rules of the center frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines. Please keep in mind that there WILL be disagreements between children. Young children have a hard time expressing their feelings. Sometimes they hit, throw toys, bite, etc. We will try to prevent problems, redirect when appropriate, discuss inappropriate behavior, encourage making amends when offense involves another person, and sometimes withdraw privileges based on the principle of "natural consequences". An example might be where a child is misusing a toy then he/she will not be allowed to play with the toy for a period of time. When children are fighting or throwing toys, we will put the toy in a short time out, and then bring it back into circulation a little later. This seems to work better than giving the child a time out. 

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse or name calling used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment.

If a discipline problem arises that does not respond to the above-mentioned techniques, we will hold a conference with the parents. Together, we will try to work on a behavioral plan. You may be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents us from being able to properly care for the other children. If the problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and well-being of all.

We may find that our center is not a good fit for your child due to our center not being equipped to provide the proper training for your child. If so, we will notify you.




AAA reserves the right to discontinue service to a family if financial commitments are not met or if it becomes apparent that the program is not equipped to meet the psychological or developmental needs of the child. Written notification will be given to the parents to allow for ample time to find alternative care. The teachers and parent board will make every effort to resolve any problems prior to termination. Documentation will be provided upon request prior to suspension or termination. Parents and children are given advance notification when suspension will take place based on a child's behavior.

In the event that Children's Lighthouse should ever find it necessary to terminate enrollment, the parent will be given two weeks written notice except for reasons such as but not limited to: 

  • Destructive, uncontrollable or violent behaviors 

  • Habitual tardiness in picking up the child 

  • Lateness of payment or nonpayment 

  • Lack of parental cooperation 


**Registration paperwork must be completed before admission. We hope that making our policies clear will help make our year a safe, fun and productive one! As the year goes on, we may notice reoccurring issues or problems and will notify parents/guardians as they happen. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments at any point during the year, please contact us. We are looking forward to beginning our school year and getting to know you and your child!